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Life Experiences

Nothing I Can Do

My life is such a mess right now I can’t blame anyone but myself I did this I did this I made my life a living hell I didn’t need any help from anyone I did it all on my own (all on my own) Breaking My heart is breaking And there’s nothing I can…
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Gave You My Heart

Why does my broken heart mean so little to you? Why did you leave when everything was great with us? I’ve never loved anyone the way I love you I gave you my heart and you ripped it apart (ripped it apart) Leaving me with thoughts of hurting myself (myself) To the point of no…
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You’ll Always Be In My Heart

You meant a lot And you always will I can’t forget the love we shared You’ll always be in my heart No matter who I’m with You’ll always be in my heart Even if I’m not in yours No matter what I’ll always love you I’ll never forget what we shared You changed my life…
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